Floor Plan

Welcome to the KTM International House

The International House (I-House) Downtown is a modern, centrally-located guesthouse run by locals and resident expats, with a contemporary aesthetic and warm, friendly staff. Walking distance to Thamel, Durbar Marg, the palace museum, numerous restaurants, and the World Bank, our apartments’ modern designs and friendly atmosphere will make you feel right at home and can be booked on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our staff and fellow guests look forward to getting to know you!

About Us

The International House’s goal is to foster an environment of open, friendly exchanges between people from all over the world and is inspired by a series of other International Houses found in California, New York, and elsewhere. We want our guests to share stories and adventures together and keep in touch years down the road. To that end we have a small communal lounge where guests are free to relax, chat, eat, and read, all the while knowing that at any moment you may be tapped on the shoulder and invited to go on an excursion with someone you just met from another country. Our staff know all the local gems, so rest assured you and your fellow guests will get to experience Nepal like a local.